The Tax-Calculator is currently under development. Users should be forewarned that the taxcalc API (application programming interface) could change significantly. Additionally, the implementation is subject to wild change.

Proper use of this tool and a description of that use is ultimately your responsibility. If you plan on publishing your results, it is highly recommended that you confirm with the community that you are using the tools properly and interpreting the results properly before you publish them. If you have a compelling reason not to leave a public note on the mailing list, email Matt at matt.jensen@aei.org.

Results will change as the underlying model improves. A fundamental reason for adopting open source methods in this project is so that people from all backgrounds can contribute to the models that our society uses to assess economic policy; when community-contributed improvements are incorporated, the model will produce different results.

A suggested acknowledgement is, “The author wishes to thank the Tax-Calculator community for making the model available, however the author remains responsible for the use of the model and any conclusions drawn.”