Source code for taxcalc.growdiff

Tax-Calculator Growdiff class.
# pep8 --ignore=E402
# pylint --disable=locally-disabled

import numpy as np
from taxcalc.parameters import ParametersBase

[docs]class Growdiff(ParametersBase): """ Growdiff is a subclass of the abstract ParametersBase class, and therefore, inherits its methods (none of which are shown here). Constructor for growth difference class. Parameters ---------- growdiff_dict: dictionary of PARAM:DESCRIPTION pairs dictionary of growth difference parameters; if None, default parameters are read from the growdiff.json file. start_year: integer first calendar year for growth difference parameters. num_years: integer number of calendar years for which to specify parameter values beginning with start_year. Raises ------ ValueError: if growdiff_dict is neither None nor a dictionary. if num_years is less than one. Returns ------- class instance: Growdiff """ JSON_START_YEAR = 2013 # must be same as Policy.JSON_START_YEAR DEFAULTS_FILENAME = 'growdiff.json' DEFAULT_NUM_YEARS = 15 # must be same as Policy.DEFAULT_NUM_YEARS def __init__(self, growdiff_dict=None, start_year=JSON_START_YEAR, num_years=DEFAULT_NUM_YEARS): super(Growdiff, self).__init__() if growdiff_dict is None: self._vals = self._params_dict_from_json_file() elif isinstance(growdiff_dict, dict): self._vals = growdiff_dict else: raise ValueError('growdiff_dict is neither None nor a dictionary') if num_years < 1: raise ValueError('num_years < 1 in Growdiff ctor') self.initialize(start_year, num_years)
[docs] def update_growdiff(self, revisions): """ Update growdiff default values using specified revisions, which is a dictionary containing one or more year:modification dictionaries. For example: {2014: {'_AWAGE': [0.01]}}. """ precall_current_year = self.current_year self.set_default_vals() revision_years = sorted(list(revisions.keys())) for year in revision_years: self.set_year(year) self._update({year: revisions[year]})
[docs] def has_any_response(self): """ Returns true if any parameter is non-zero for any year; returns false if all parameters are zero in all years. """ for param in self._vals: values = getattr(self, param) for year in np.ndindex(values.shape): val = values[year] if val != 0.0: return True
return False
[docs] def apply_to(self, growfactors): """ Apply updated growdiff values to specified Growfactors instance. """ # pylint: disable=no-member for i in range(0, self.num_years): cyr = i + Growdiff.JSON_START_YEAR growfactors.update('ABOOK', cyr, self._ABOOK[i]) growfactors.update('ACGNS', cyr, self._ACGNS[i]) growfactors.update('ACPIM', cyr, self._ACPIM[i]) growfactors.update('ACPIU', cyr, self._ACPIU[i]) growfactors.update('ADIVS', cyr, self._ADIVS[i]) growfactors.update('AINTS', cyr, self._AINTS[i]) growfactors.update('AIPD', cyr, self._AIPD[i]) growfactors.update('ASCHCI', cyr, self._ASCHCI[i]) growfactors.update('ASCHCL', cyr, self._ASCHCL[i]) growfactors.update('ASCHEI', cyr, self._ASCHEI[i]) growfactors.update('ASCHEL', cyr, self._ASCHEL[i]) growfactors.update('ASCHF', cyr, self._ASCHF[i]) growfactors.update('ASOCSEC', cyr, self._ASOCSEC[i]) growfactors.update('ATXPY', cyr, self._ATXPY[i]) growfactors.update('AUCOMP', cyr, self._AUCOMP[i])
growfactors.update('AWAGE', cyr, self._AWAGE[i])